I’m eight months overdue..

A picture of me, thinking about making a blog post

Since my instagram captions are getting lengthier and lengthier each week, I think it’s finally time to get going with the blog-project.

First time I felt like I wanted to blog about anything, was in April, earlier this year, some weeks before the Raw Worlds in Texas. Then I got performance anxiety as usual and spent a few months just thinking about what I should write about in my first entry. Eight months later this now strikes me as pretty ridiculous, so I’ve decided to lower the expectations a bit and just type something.  I’m still considering whether or not it’s a good idea, but what the hell. I’ve been considering since spring and by now it’s a christmas-y feeling here in my kitchen, where I’m sitting at the present moment. Time flies. Hopefully I won’t look back and regret all, another eight months from now. Hopefully I’ll just fall into the habit of writing and documenting here and get something out of the process. And there’s always the delete button… So, here goes.

Why write at all and who am I?

I’m Isabella. Today I’m an elite level athlete. A little more than three years ago, August 2013, I got the nerve up and paid a visit to a local powerlifting club in my home town, Gothenburg (Sweden). I’d been going to a commercial gym for a few months. A personal trainer there had been helping me with the basic technique in squat, benchpress and deadlift. It was an instant love with these three, I was practising with a broom in front of the mirror everyday and developed my skills quite quickly. Emma, the PT, told me I was strong. She’d been helping me since March that year and in august I was squatting 130kg (286lbs) and deadlifting 140kg (308lbs), so she was absolutely correct, I guess, although back then I didn’t really have anything to compare my results with. I’d only just realized that powerlifting was a sport, little less that it was a sport that I, a short few months later, would be setting national records in.

Like I said, it’s been a little more than three years, transforming in ways more than one. My first year of lifting, in conclusion, I broke a rib from squatting 180kg (396,8) and I learned a sea of new things about myself and about building strength. (Mind you, at times I still feel like I know nothing.)

But I won the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2015 and this year in March I won the gold medal at the European Championships, and later on in June, a silver medal at my second Worlds, gaining the european record in total (485kg/1069lbs), as well as raising my own world record in squat (188kg/414lbs) in the -72kg open category. A pretty sweet ride, if you ask me!

So this is what I wanted to write about: how the hell this happened. Because it happened fast and it’s got me thinking about all the things that made it possible.

I’ll go over these things, and I will talk about my training and my approach and maybe some of it will be interesting to someone. If there is anything in particular that you want me to write about, or some content you would like to see, don’t hesitate to tell me about it. I want to cover it all. Or well, all that I can. Some of it might be in swedish, if it relates only to swedes. Please don’t take offense.

I’m gonna make this a short one for now though, since it’s my first and like I said, I need to lower the expectations just to get started. 

Also I’m getting up early to watch my fellow lifters from Göteborg Kraftsportklubb compete in benchpress tomorrow. Watch it here: LAG-SM – klassiskt styrkelyft i Sundsvall !

So bye bye, for now. I’ll be back soon.








  1. I amire you so much, Isabella. Du är min största förebild i styrkelyftandet, just för att du även uppmärksammar psykisk ohälsa och prestationsångest. Vet arr du har människor som hejar på dig, oavsett hur det går i tävlingarna, bara för att du är fantastisk. kram!

  2. Yeay. I’m so happy that you decided to go for it and write a blog! I’ve been lifting for 18 mths and have been struggling with body image & where I feel I should be at, as all the girls at my gym are max 57kg bodyweight, are squating 150kg and have the look of bodybuilders.

    When I found you on instragram I thought ‘now this is an inspirational lady’. It was the first time my bodyweight didn’t bother me as I saw how strong you are, focused and confidence just seemed to shine out of you! Your instragram helped me feel ok with my lifting and me. What I mean is, looking at your videos I realised everyones progress will be different and it’s more important to love what you do! I still have days were I’m down on myself but its the progess that counts and I love this sport & I’m hungry to do get the best out of me!

    So thank you for sharing! Excited for your blog! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Catherine! Hearing this from you really gladdens me, and I’m really glad my posts gave something of value to you.
      Just keep doing your thing, and remember how awesome and strong you are, strong for just challenging yourself, to grow and become better! It’s a pretty cool journey 🙂 stay fierce! <3

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